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The Peter Munga Foundation in association with the Yara Prize, seeks to contribute to the reduction of hunger and poverty in rural Kenya through the promotion of sustainable agriculture, development of local markets and encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to increase food productivity, security and availability.

This is in dedication to contributing to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals-to halve hunger and poverty in Africa- and the call for an African Green Revolution. Through the creation of strategic networks and partnerships, the Peter Munga Foundation directs resources, knowledge and practice to add value, demonstrate new possibilities, transform lives and create hope for the rural poor in Kenya.

Peter Munga

Mr. Munga is a Certified Public Secretary with vast experience in both public and private sector management. He holds a diploma in Human Resources and Financial Management and is a retired Deputy Secretary. He is the Chairman of National Oil Corporation and a Director in Micro-Enterprise Support Programme Trust (MESPT), British American Insurance Company, Rockefeller Foundation and Equatorial Nut Processors. He was one of the Laureates to be jointly awarded with the 2009 Yara Prize for his profound contributions to the United Nations goal of halving poverty and hunger in Africa by 2015.


Quotes by Peter Munga

“Looking at the youth today, I see a solid pillar on which hopes and aspirations of our member states and the Commonwealth will be built”

Ongoing Projects

Youth Enterprise in Africa

The Commonwealth Secretariat was chosen this week as a major partner for delivering up to US$600,000 in youth enterprise development and mentoring schemes across Africa, helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs to set up businesses and escape from poverty.


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